Alexandra Budke

Alexandra Budke is Professor of Human Geography and Geography Education at the Institute for Geography Education at the University of Cologne. Her research focuses on argumentation, civic education, digital media, intercultural learning, language-sensitive teaching and education for sustainable development. She completed her habilitation on ideological education in geography teaching in the GDR (2010, Humboldt University Berlin). She passed the first and second state examinations in order to be able to work as a teacher at the Gymnasium for Geography and French (2004). She wrote her PhD on Erasmus students' perceptions of their own country and Germany (2002, University of Osnabrück).


Guidelines for Teachers on the Use of Digital Games on SDG-Relevant Topics in Geography Classes
Alexandra Budke. © 2023. 16 pages.
The chapter is concerned with the use of digital games in educating about societal challenges connected to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in geography classes. The first...