Alfredo Aguilera

Dr. Alfredo AGUILERA is a Forest engineer graduated at University of Concepción, Chile in 1991. He has worked for a forest-industrial company, and as independent consulting engineer. In 1993 he joins the Forest Products Institute at the University Austral of Chile (Valdivia). In 1995 he received a fellow of the French government, obtaining in 1996 his MSc and in February 2000 his PhD in Wood Science at Nancy 1 University in Épinal, France. Actually he is associate professor at the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Natural Resources (University Austral of Chile), where his field of research is the wood machining process, tool wear and surface quality. He is also consultant engineer and author of number of papers and book chapters.


Research Developments in Wood Engineering and Technology
Alfredo Aguilera, J. Paulo Davim. © 2014. 410 pages.
Wood material has acquired great importance due to its short supply and increasing environmental awareness amongst users and manufacturers. However, its use as an engineering...
Inventory of Experimental Works on Cutting Tools’ Life for the Wood Industry
Pierre-Jean Méausoone, Alfredo Aguilera. © 2014. 23 pages.
Woodworking is based on a trinomial machine/piece/tool. For maximum quality of the manufactured piece, it is important not to separate this trinomial, but the limited life of...
International Journal of Surface Engineering and Interdisciplinary Materials Science (IJSEIMS)
J. Paulo Davim. Est. 2013.
The International Journal of Surface Engineering and Interdisciplinary Materials Science (IJSEIMS) is a refereed, interdisciplinary journal that publishes high quality articles...