Alicia Guerra Guerra

Alicia Guerra Guerra has a Ph.D. in Business Administration. She teaches entrepreneurship in technologies of information and communication in Master’s Degree in ICT Management. She has taught entrepreneurs from Extremadura in innovation management. She is a member of the Programme for Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation of Extremadura. She has done several collaborations with the Government of Extremadura (Spain) in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. Her research interests: Strategic analysis of organizations, business innovation, entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), in which she has a set of publications.


Organizational Transformation and Managing Innovation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Alicia Guerra Guerra. © 2019. 374 pages.
With the growth and advancement of business and industry, there is a growing need for the advancement of the strategies that manage these modernizations. Adaptation to...
Fourth Industrial Revolution: Towards University Teaching Based on Values
Alicia Guerra Guerra, Lyda Sánchez de Gómez. © 2019. 33 pages.
We are at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. The authors understand that university education should embrace the keys to this scenario and do so immediately....
Digital Social Innovation: Fundamentals and Framework of Action
Alicia Guerra Guerra, Lyda Sánchez de Gómez, Carlos Jurado Rivas. © 2019. 28 pages.
The fusion of the social economy with the digital economy, together with the essential need for social organizations to innovate in order to face challenges not satisfied by...