Amaranadha Reddy Manchuri

Amaranadha Reddy ManchuriAmaranadha Reddy Manchuri , is a Research Professor at the environment and energy systems engineering laboratory, Department of Environment Engineering, Kyungpook National University, Daegu, South Korea. Currently, he is conducting research in a comprehensive discipline focused on engaging Machine learning in energy and environmental applications. His research and innovations lie in Sustainable Energy Technologies, Catalysis, Nanomaterials, Intelligent Systems, and Mathematical modeling. Dr. ANR is an alumnus of University Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia where he obtained a Doctoral degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and Undergraduate and Master's degrees from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, India. He is a recipient of ‘The Malaysian International Scholarship Govt. of Malaysia; ‘Zamalah Graduate Scholarship UNIMAS, Malaysia; and Two Silver medals for his State-of-the-art research innovations in biofuels and nanocatalysts’. Since 2000, Dr Manchuri has been working in academic and research institutions and served in various responsible positions. He is a principal investigator of AICTE, Govt. of India, sponsored research project “Multi-Objective Optimization of Production Process Parameters using Evolutionary Algorithms”. Dr ANR is a life member of ORSI, ISTAM, IndACM, ISTE, and EWB. He has active research collaborations with researchers in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and India and Dr Manchuri has more than 37 research papers in national & international peer-reviewed journals, 01 patent to his credit, and served as an Editor for 04 conferences.


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Explainable AI for Cybersecurity
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In recent years, the utilization of AI in the field of cybersecurity has become more widespread. Black-box AI models pose a significant challenge in terms of interpretability and...
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The logistics sector plays a crucial role in the worldwide economy by facilitating the efficient and punctual transportation of commodities and services. Nevertheless, the...