Amira S. Ashour

Amira S. Ashour, PhD., is an Assistant Professor and Vice Chair of Computers Engineering Department, Computers and Information Technology College, Taif University, KSA. She was the vice chair of Computer Science department, CIT college, Taif University, KSA for 5 years. She is in the Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tanta University, Egypt. She received her PhD in the Smart Antenna (2005) from the Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering, Tanta University, Egypt. She had her Masters in Enhancement of Electromagnetic Non-Destructive Evaluation Performance using Advanced Signal Processing Techniques, in Faculty of Engineering, Egypt, 2000. Her research interests include: image processing, Medical imaging, Machine learning, Biomedical Systems, Pattern recognition, Signal, image, and video processing, Image analysis, Computer vision, Optimization, Computer Aided Diagnosis, Soft computing, Artificial intelligence, Fuzzy logic, Tracking, Wireless communication, Direction of Arrival Estimation, Smart antenna, Adaptive antenna arrays, Global positioning system, and Mobile communication. She has several publications in international journals and conferences. She has 3 books and about 60 published international conferences and journal papers. She is an Associate Editor for the International Journal of Rough Sets and Data Analysis (IJRSDA), IGI Global, US as well as the International Journal of Ambient Computing and Intelligence (IJACI), IGI Global, US. She is an Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Image Mining (IJIM), Inderscience. Moreover, she is in the editorial review board of the International Journal of System Dynamics Applications (IJSDA), IGI Global, US.


Image Registration Techniques and Frameworks: A Review
Sayan Chakraborty, Prasenjit Kumar Patra, Prasenjit Maji, Amira S. Ashour, Nilanjan Dey. © 2017. 13 pages.
Image registration allude to transforming one image with reference to another (geometrically alignment of reference and sensed images) i.e. the process of...
Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System through Auto and Manual Controlling using PC and Android Application
Paromita Roy, Nivedita Patra, Amartya Mukherjee, Amira S. Ashour, Nilanjan Dey, Satya Priya Biswas. © 2017. 19 pages.
Traffic congestion in cities is a major problem mainly in developing countries. In order to counter this, many models of traffic systems have been proposed by...
Feature Detectors and Descriptors Generations with Numerous Images and Video Applications: A Recap
Nilanjan Dey, Amira S. Ashour, Aboul Ella Hassanien. © 2017. 30 pages.
Feature detectors have a critical role in numerous applications such as camera calibrations, object recognition, biometrics, medical applications and image/video...
Insilico Approach for Epitope Prediction toward Novel Vaccine Delivery System Design
P. Raja Rajeswari, S. Viswanadha Raju, Amira S. Ashour, Nilanjan Dey. © 2017. 11 pages.
Vaccines build a defense mechanism against the disease causing agents through the immune system stimulation and disease agents' imitation. Some of the vaccines...
Scope of Automation in Semantics-Driven Multimedia Information Retrieval From Web
Aarti Singh, Nilanjan Dey, Amira S. Ashour. © 2017. 16 pages.
Present digital information driven society is a part of Semantic Web, where focus is on returning relevant information to the users, in response of their searches....
Automatic Generation Control of Hydro-Hydro Interconnected Power System Based on Ant Colony Optimization
Jagatheesan Kaliannan, Anand B, Nguyen Gia Nhu, Nilanjan Dey, Amira S. Ashour, Valentina E. Balas. © 2017. 18 pages.
Each hydropower system incorporates with appropriate hydro turbine, and hydro governor unit. In the current work, an Automatic Generation Control (AGC) of two...
Thermal Imaging in Medical Science
Nilanjan Dey, Amira S. Ashour, Afnan S. Althoupety. © 2017. 31 pages.
Thermal imaging is a non-destructive, non-contact and rapid system. It reports temperature through measuring infrared radiation emanated by an object/ material...
International Journal of Synthetic Emotions (IJSE)
Amira S. Ashour, Nilanjan Dey. Est. 2010.
The International Journal of Synthetic Emotions (IJSE) covers the main issues relevant to the generation, expression, and use of synthetic emotions in agents...