Ana Frunza

Ana Frunza obtained a PhD in philosophy at Al. I. Cuza University of Iasi, in 2014, presenting a thesis entitled “A deconstructive approach to ethical values. Ethics expertise.” She obtained an MA degree in Supervision and Social Planning in 2011, with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work in 2009. She is a Scientific Researcher III at the LUMEN Center for Social and Humanistic Research. Her main scientific interests are applied ethics, applied philosophy, social work, supervision and ethics expertise. She is a university assistant PhD "Stefan cel Mare" University from Suceava, Faculty of Law & Administrative Sciences, Romania. Ana Frunza is currently working on defining a new model of ethics expertise – the supervision of ethics, in conjunction with Professor Antonio Sandu, Doctor in Philosophy at LUMEN Center for Social and Humanistic Research from Iasi, Romania. She is the author of three books, Etica si dezvoltarea comunitara/Ethics and community development, Catre o noua expertiza etica. Deconstruind valorile etice/Towards a new ethics expertise – deconstructing the ethical values, and Supervizarea si dezvoltarea profesionala a asistentilor sociali/The supervision and the professional development of the social workers published by LUMEN Publishing House between 2013 and 2017. Her research interests are ethics, research ethics, ethics expertise, supervision of ethics, and applied philosophy.


Ethics in Research Practice and Innovation
Antonio Sandu, Ana Frunza, Elena Unguru. © 2019. 373 pages.
A particularly important component of any research project is its ethical dimensions which can refer to varied categories of practice – from the protection of human subjects...
Informed Consent in Research Involving Human Subjects
Antonio Sandu, Ana Frunza. © 2019. 21 pages.
Informed consent (IC) in research is a key element in ensuring the ethical character of any research involving human subjects, either bio-medical or psychosocial. IC involves...
Ethical Issues in Social Work Practice
Antonio Sandu, Ana Frunza. © 2018. 328 pages.
Today’s practitioners and researchers are looking, now more than ever, at the ethical issues that are raised through the practice of social work and social services. As such, it...
Philosophical Grounding of Ethics Expertise
Ana Frunza. © 2018. 17 pages.
The chapter proposes to philosophically ground the ethics expertise in social work, starting from a series of ethics theories: utilitarian ethics, deontological ethics and ethics...
Supervision of Ethics in Social Work Practice: A Reconstruction of Ethics Expertise
Ana Frunza, Antonio Sandu. © 2018. 35 pages.
The chapter aims at arguing the necessity and academic functioning of the supervision of ethics – as a model embodied in ethical expertise. Starting with 2012, the model of...