Anandajit Goswami

Anandajit Goswami is an economist by training and has research interests on the interfaces of economic modelling, ecological, resource, macro, micro, international trade and developmental economics, and sustainability science from an interdisciplinary lens. Currently, he is associated as a Fellow with the Green Growth and Development Division of TERI. He has been working with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) since 2004 and has led research projects pertaining to trade and sustainable development, economic modelling supported by ICTSD (International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development), UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development). He has also worked with UNECA (United Nations Economic Commission for Africa) and has led research projects of TERI with partners in Africa. He has been engaged in various South South Cooperation knowledge exchange process, some of which have been supported by UNECA, UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Developmental Organization), Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, Ministry of Water and Energy, Government of Ethiopia, Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network, Addis Ababa University. He has published papers in peer reviewed journals and contributed chapters to books. He has co-authored a booklet on South South Cooperation and Knowledge Exchange issues and edited a booklet related to regulatory issues on biofuels. He has been giving talks on “Economics of Sustainability” in South South Knowledge exchange programmes. Other than this, he has contributed popular articles in newspapers and blogs for Economist, Reuters Foundation. Presently, Anandajit is a member of International and Indian Society for Ecological Economics. He is pursuing a Ph.d at TERI University and has obtained Masters in International Economics with Specialization in World Economy from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.


“Virtual Water” and Occam's Razor: An Explanation From the Perspective of Economics of Water
Nilanjan Ghosh, Anandajit Goswami. © 2018. 13 pages.
Virtual Water has been criticized as merely being a jargon camouflaging crop-water requirements. This chapter attempts to contest this argument. From the neoclassical production...
Valuation and Market-Based Pricing of Economic and Ecosystem Services of Water Resources
Nilanjan Ghosh, Anandajit Goswami. © 2018. 32 pages.
This chapter presents a comprehensive review of valuation of water. Though existing literature has a large number of papers on the significant attempts at valuing water, a number...
Water Scarcity and Conflicts: Can Water Futures Exchange in South Asia Provide the Answer?
Nilanjan Ghosh, Anandajit Goswami. © 2018. 24 pages.
This chapter presents the concept of the establishment of a futures market in water in the context of the risk of water availability that Indian agriculture has been facing in...
Economic Growth, Sustainable Development, and the Role of Markets
Nilanjan Ghosh, Anandajit Goswami. © 2018. 19 pages.
This chapter tracks the long path that Development Theory has traversed over the last century. Its origin traces back to the notions of economic growth and development and...
Economics, Environmental Policy, Trade and Sustainability
Nilanjan Ghosh, Anandajit Goswami. © 2018. 20 pages.
Sustainability has to be measured by different tools of valuation. Furthermore, the philosophy behind environmental policy making also decides the way sustainability is perceived...
Sustainability Science for Social, Economic, and Environmental Development
Nilanjan Ghosh, Anandajit Goswami. © 2014. 324 pages.
While the effects of climate change become ever more apparent and pressing, the discussion of sustainable practices and environmental protection is a common overture among the...