Andrea Tagarelli

Andrea Tagarelli is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science with the Department of Electronics, Computer and Systems Sciences, University of Calabria, Italy. He graduated in Computer Engineering, in 2001, and obtained his Ph.D. in Computer and Systems Engineering, in 2006. He was visiting researcher at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Minnesota at Minneapolis, USA. His research interests include topics in knowledge discovery and text/data mining, information extraction, Web and semistructured data management, spatio-temporal databases, and bioinformatics. On these topics, he has coauthored journal articles, conference papers, and book chapters and developed practical software tools. He has served as a reviewer as well as a member of program committee for leading journals and conferences in the fields of databases and data mining, information systems, knowledge and data management, and artificial intelligence. He has been a SIAM member since 2008 and an ACM member since 2009.


The Scent of a Newsgroup: Providing Personalized Access to Usenet Sites through Web Mining
Giuseppe Manco, Riccardo Ortale, Andrea Tagarelli. © 2009. 22 pages.
Personalization is aimed at adapting content delivery to users’ profiles: namely, their expectations, preferences and requirements. This chapter surveys some well-known Web...