Andreas Friesen

Andreas Friesen, (PhD), is senior researcher and project manager at SAP Research. His research interests comprise for more than 4 years application of semantic technologies in software engineering. He is currently working on new technologies merging model-driven and ontology-driven software engineering methods. In this role he is shaping the vision of hybrid software engineering approach combining the benefits of the well established software modeling methodology with the expressive descriptive power of ontologies and logical reasoning and its application for SAP and partner ecosystem. Previously he was coordinating a project on semantic business process fusion for heterogeneous Enterprise Applications especially providing process-oriented interoperability solutions for cross-organizational application integration scenarios. Dr. Friesen has been with SAP Research for over 4 years, working on different research projects. He holds a doctoral degree from the University of Siegen and is author of around 30 articles and scientific papers.   


Validating Component-Based Implementations of Business Processes
Jens Lemcke, Andreas Friesen, Tirdad Rahmani. © 2011. 28 pages.
This chapter provides a formal specification of non-atomic, relaxed action refinement suited for component-based business process engineering. Engineering a business process...
Semantic Enterprise Application Integration for Business Processes: Service-Oriented Frameworks
Gregoris Mentzas, Andreas Friesen. © 2010. 302 pages.
The lack of formal semantics of applications and services to be integrated into business processes makes it difficult for software engineers and developers to interconnect...
Business Rules Enabled Semantic Service Discovery and Selection for B2B Integration
Andreas Friesen. © 2010. 17 pages.
In service-oriented business applications, B2B integration happens when a service requester invokes services of one or more service providers. Typically, there are several...