Andy M. Connor

Andy M. Connor is a Senior Lecturer at Colab, the “collaboratory” at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. His undergraduate training is in mechanical engineering and he holds a PhD in mechatronics. He has worked at the Engineering Design Centres at both the University of Bath and the University of Cambridge in the UK. Following a number of years of commercial experience as a software engineer and a systems engineering consultant, Andy migrated to New Zealand and took up a number of roles in software engineering and computer science at Auckland University of Technology prior to joining Colab in 2012. Andy has a broad range of research interests that include automated design, computational creativity, education, evolutionary computation, machine learning and software engineering.


Framing Creative Problems
Ricardo Sosa, Andy M. Connor, Bruce Corson. © 2017. 22 pages.
Problems are a type of situations that are mentally and socially framed to direct efforts and resources with the aim to change them into desired future situations. The definition...
Creative Technologies for Multidisciplinary Applications
Andy M. Connor, Stefan Marks. © 2016. 467 pages.
Given that institutions of higher education have a predisposition to compartmentalize and delineate areas of study, creative technology may seem oxymoronic. On the contrary, the...
A Historical Review of Creative Technologies
Andy M. Connor. © 2016. 24 pages.
This chapter provides a historical overview of the emergence of the creative technologies, tracing the usage of associated terms back to the close of the Second World War. An...
Exposing Core Competencies for Future Creative Technologists
Andy M. Connor, Ricardo Sosa, Sangeeta Karmokar, Stefan Marks, Maggie Buxton, Ann Marie Gribble, Anna G. Jackson, Jacques Foottit. © 2016. 21 pages.
This chapter suggests that in terms of preparing creative technologies graduates it is better to define what skill sets will be in the future rather than attempting to define...