Angela Marie Novak

Angela Novak , Ph.D., Associate Professor and AIG (gifted education) Coordinator at East Carolina University, is an equity and anti-racism advocate. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in education, focusing on assessment practices and gifted education. Angela has served both NAGC and CEC-TAG in a variety of network, committee and board roles, and is on the Advisory Council of Pure Play Every Day and a member of the Diversity Scholars Network, a part of the National Center for Institutional Diversity. For over 20 years, Angela has engaged collectively with learners, educators, families, and communities in K-16 public schools, as an inclusion partner co-teaching with special education, gifted classroom teacher, pull-out and/or resource support, and central office administration. For five years, Angela worked in the non-profit sector of gifted education supporting curriculum, program development, and teacher training. Along with Dr. Christine Weber, Angela co-edited a three-book series of NAGC service publications related to professional learning for educators in gifted education. In 2022, she published Empowering Gifted Educators as Change Agents: A Playbook for Equity-Driven Professional Learning with co-author Dr. Katie Lewis. Angela has authored book chapters, peer-reviewed articles, practitioner-focused and parent-centered articles and guest blogs, as well as presented at local, state, national, and international conferences and guested on podcasts. She writes and speaks on topics of equity in gifted education, professional learning, college students and teaching, and play. Recently, Angela published a gifted branch of critical race theory. You can read more about her work at .


Our World, Our Fight: Teaching Advocacy and Activism as a Pivotal Practice for Talented Youth
Angela Marie Novak, Brittany N. Anderson. © 2024. 27 pages.
Teaching advocacy and activism is a pivotal practice for talented youth. Advocacy is broadly defined as championing a cause, from self-advocacy and community/local issues to...
Bringing PLCs to K-20 Talented Youth: Student Learning Communities as a Pivotal Practice
Angela Marie Novak. © 2024. 36 pages.
This chapter describes professional learning communities, an educator practice, brought to K-20 classrooms as a pivotal practice for talented youth as student learning...
Not White Saviors, but Critical Scholars: The Need for Gifted Critical Race Theory
Angela Marie Novak. © 2022. 17 pages.
Gifted Black and Brown students are not voiceless; their voices are suffocated under the knee of systemic racism and white supremacy. This chapter proposes that the field of...