Anita Mirijamdotter

Anita Mirijamdotter is Professor and Head of the Information Systems Research group at the School of Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics, Linnaeus University. She also holds the position as Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering which includes leading the committee work for First and Second Cycle Education. Additional honorary tasks are: board member for the international research collaboration in the Centre for Philosophy, Technology and Social Systems (CPTS); board member for the cross-disciplinary area Mathematical Modeling and Systems Collaboration within the Linnaeus University; and member of the Leadership team of the Swedish Research School of Management and IT (MIT). Anita has served as a referee in academic conferences and journals and contributed to more than forty conference- and journal publications. Her research focus is mainly in areas related to: information and communication technology (ICT) impact on (or implications for) organisational processes, and interactive and human centric methods for need-finding, evaluating, valuing and learning.


Collaborative Design: An SSM-enabled Organizational Learning Approach
Anita Mirijamdotter, Mary M. Somerville. © 2009. 22 pages.
Within the context of a three year applied research project conducted from 2003-2006 in a North American university library, staff were encouraged to reconsider organizational...