Anthony A. Olorunnisola

Anthony A. Olorunnisola is Professor of Communications and head of the Department of Film/Video & Media Studies at the College of Communications, Pennsylvania State University at University Park, USA. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses that include World Media Systems and Comparative Theories of Press Systems. His numerous publications include Media in South Africa After Apartheid (2006); Media and Communications Industries in Nigeria: Impacts of Neoliberal Reforms Between 1999 and 2007 (2009); Political Economy of Media Transformation in South Africa (2011), co-edited with Keyan Tomaselli. He serves on the editorial boards of seven academic journals and has been guest-editor of special issues of the Journal of Communication and Language Arts and the International Journal of Social and Management Sciences – both issues focused on aspects of media and political culture in Africa. He was a William J. Fulbright fellow in Nigeria (2005-2006) and has been visiting professor at Lagos State University and the University of Ibadan, Nigeria respectively.


New Media Influence on Social and Political Change in Africa
Anthony A. Olorunnisola, Aziz Douai. © 2013. 518 pages.
While transitioning from autocracy to democracy, media in Africa has always played an important role in democratic and non-democratic states; focusing on...
New Media and the Question of African Democracy
Aziz Douai, Anthony A. Olorunnisola. © 2013. 14 pages.
This introductory chapter maps out the trajectory of democratization in Africa and how old and new forms of mass media remain embedded in these efforts. Drawing on...