Anthony H. Normore

Dr. Anthony H. Normore (Tony) holds a Ph.D. from University of Toronto. He is a Professor of Educational Leadership, and Department Chair of Special Education at California State University Dominguez Hills. Tony has been a visiting professor of ethics and leadership at Seoul National University, and visiting professor in the Department of Criminal Justice Studies at University of Guelph/Humber. Tony is also graduate professor of law, ethics, and leadership for the Summer Leadership Academy at Teachers College-Columbia University. His 30+ years of professional education experiences has taken him throughout North America, South Central Asia, Eastern Asia, UK, Continental Europe, and South Pacific. Tony’s research focusses on urban leadership growth and development in the context of ethics and social justice. He is the author of several edited and co-edited books including What the Social Sciences Tell us about Leadership for Social Justice and Ethics (2014, Information Age Publishing), Moral Compass for Law Enforcement Professional (2014, International Academy of Public Safety), and Collective Efficacy: An Interdisciplinary Approach to International Leadership Development (2013, Emerald Group Publishing), and a contributor of numerous scholarly book chapters and peer-reviewed articles. He was recently appointed as Chief Leadership and Ethics Officer, and the Chairman of the Criminal Justice Commission on Credible Leadership Development with the International Academy of Public Safety.


Restorative Approaches to Honoring Human Dignity and Transforming Urban Schools
Anthony H. Normore, Brian Jarrett. © 2021. 25 pages.
Drawing on restorative processes research and research on social justice, this chapter is organized in the following manner: First, the authors provide a brief history of the...
Cross-Cultural Collaboration and Leadership in Modern Organizations
Nancy D. Erbe, Anthony H. Normore. © 2015. 388 pages.
As many organizations expand, it becomes increasingly important to implement collaboration and leadership practices that help ensure their overall success. Being able to work and...