António dos Santos Queirós

António dos Santos Queirós is a Researcher of Environmental Philosophy and Ethics, in Lisbon University Philosophy Center, visiting the Universities of Salamanca and Sorbonne. He is a member of Way Ching Research Center the University of Hong Kong and is also research of Cultural Tourism, Tourism of Nature and Sustainable Development in the University of Aveiro, Portugal. His research interests include Ethics, higher education, international heritage and environmental projects. He is President of the Association of Museum and Science Centers of Portugal_ MC2P (ONG), Secretary General of CCDPCh_ Chamber of Portugal-China Cooperation and Development, and Adviser of Forum dos Serviços, Confederation of trade and services of Portugal (CCP).


Examining a New Paradigm of Heritage With Philosophy, Economy, and Education
António dos Santos Queirós. © 2020. 274 pages.
OECD, UNESCO, the European Union, and the United Nations acknowledge that formal educational systems alone cannot respond to rapid and constant technological, social, and...
Management and Valorization of Cultural Heritage in the Framework of Environmental Ethics
António dos Santos Queirós. © 2019. 19 pages.
Fundamental conceptual terms, such as ‘culture' and ‘heritage,' are far from being neutral scientific objects. They are academic constructions which need to be understood...
Globalization and Global Code of Tourism Ethics
António dos Santos Queirós. © 2019. 26 pages.
In the framework of the globalization of tourism, this chapter discusses the concepts of modern ethics and morality, on a critical perspective to the dominant standpoint that set...
The Dawning of the Environmental Ethics and the New Holistic Paradigm for Peace
António dos Santos Queirós. © 2016. 25 pages.
In this chapter we want to discuss the new holistic paradigm for peace that blossomed with the dawning of the Environmental Ethics in the 20st and 21st century, on the framework...