Anukrati Sharma

Anukrati Sharma is currently Associate Professor in the Faculty of Commerce and Management, University of Kota, Kota Rajasthan, India. Dr. Sharma has worked as an internal trainer and teacher in the management arena. Recently in the year 2015 she got a Research Award by UGC, New Delhi on the topic of Analysis of the Status of Tourism in Hadoti and Shekhawati Region/Circuit (Rajasthan):Opportunities, Challenges and Future Prospectus. Her doctorate degree is in Tourism Marketing from University of Rajasthan and she completed her dissertation research on the topic of Tourism in Rajasthan Progress & Prospects. She has two postgraduate degree specialties-one in International Business ( Masters of International Business) and another in Business Administration ( Masters of Commerce ). Her core subjects are Tourism, Strategic Management, Law, General Management and International Business Management. She has written 10 books on different subjects titled -Tourism Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Principles and Practices.


Unlocking the Employment Opportunities in Tourism Industry at Hadoti Region With the Help of Tourism Education: Challenges and Future Perspectives
Anukrati Sharma. © 2019. 18 pages.
The tourism and hospitality industry is a major source of employment. This chapter identifies the possible sources of employment through tourism and tourism education....
Maximizing Business Performance and Efficiency Through Intelligent Systems
Om Prakash Rishi, Anukrati Sharma. © 2017. 269 pages.
Technology has vastly advanced over the years and created new developments and uses across various industries. By applying these new approaches in the business world, process...
Knowledge Extraction Through Page Rank Using Web-Mining Techniques for E-Business: A Review
Mahesh Kumar Singh, Om Prakash Rishi, Anukrati Sharma, Zaved Akhtar. © 2017. 36 pages.
Internet plays a vital role for doing the business. It provides platform for creating huge number of customers for ease of business. E-business organizations are growing rapidly...