Arthur Edwards-Block

Arthur Edwards received his master’s degree in Education from the University of Houston in 1985. He has been a researcher-professor at the University of Colima since 1985, where he has served in various capacities. He has been with the School of Telematics since 1998. His primary areas of research are Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), distance learning, collaborative learning, multimodal leaning and mobile learning. The primary focus of his research is presently in the area of mobile collaborative learning.


An Open Service Platform Based on an IP Metropolitan Mesh Network
Raúl Aquino-Santos, Arthur Edwards-Block, Víctor Rangel-Licea. © 2012. 21 pages.
This chapter proposes an open-service platform based on an IP metropolitan mesh network suitable for multimedia services in an all-IP network environment. To guarantee mobile...
Emerging Technologies in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks: Applications and Future Development
Raul Aquino-Santos, Víctor Rangel-Licea, Arthur Edwards-Block. © 2011. 420 pages.
Mobile ad-hoc networks have attracted considerable attention and interest from the commercial sector as well as the standards community. Many new ad-hoc networking applications...
Analyzing IEEE 802.11g and IEEE 802.16e Technologies for Single-Hop Inter-Vehicle Communication
Raúl Aquino-Santos, Víctor Rangel-Licea, Aldo L. Méndez-Pérez, Miguel A. Garcia-Ruiz, Arthur Edwards-Block, Eduardo Flores-Flores. © 2010. 29 pages.
This chapter analyzes two prominent technologies, IEEE 802.11g (WiFi) and IEEE 802.16e (WiMAX), for single-hop inter-vehicular communication (SIVC). We begin our analysis by...