Aurora Cuevas-Cerveró

Aurora Cuevas Cerveró, PhD in information science, professor and researcher, full time Librarianship and Documentation Department at the Complutense University of Madrid.


Handbook of Research on Comparative Approaches to the Digital Age Revolution in Europe and the Americas
Brasilina Passarelli, Joseph Straubhaar, Aurora Cuevas-Cerveró. © 2016. 530 pages.
The way we talk, work, learn, and think has been greatly shaped by modern technology. These lifestyle changes have made digital literacy the new written literacy, where those who...
Digital Inclusion: From Connectivity to the Development of Information Culture
Aurora Cuevas-Cerveró. © 2016. 16 pages.
This chapter discusses digital inclusion from a social, educational and cultural dimension. The author considers concepts that have been of great importance in the historical...