Aytekin Demircioğlu

Aytekin DemircioğluAytekin Demircioğlu completed his primary and secondary education in Sakarya, Türkiye. He completed his undergraduate education at Gazi University, Philosophy Group Education Department in 1999. He completed his master's degree in 2009 with his thesis titled "The Issue of Knowledge in Ghazali on the Basis of Criticism and Doubt" and his doctorate in 2013 with his thesis titled "Ibn Khaldun's Understanding of Humanity and Civilization" at Gazi University, Institute of Educational Sciences, Department of Philosophy Group Education. He became an associate professor in the same branch of science in 2015. He currently works as a professor at Kastamonu University, Department of Philosophy, Sub-Department of History of Turkish-Islamic Thought. Demircioğlu is the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Social Sciences and Education (USBED) and Kastamonu Journal of Humanity and Society (KİTOD). He is the chairman of the annual International Conference on Social Sciences, Humanities and Education. Demircioğlu has 8 published books, 7 book chapters and nearly 30 articles.


Methodologies and Ethics for Social Sciences Research
Aytekin Demircioğlu. © 2024. 345 pages.
Ethics, the moral compass guiding our actions, stands at the core of academic integrity. In the field of social sciences research, ethical violations persist as a silent threat...
Ethical Foundations of Scientific Publishing: International Standards, National Practices, and Mitigating Violations – A Case Study of Türkiye
Fatmanur Özen, Aytekin Demircioğlu. © 2024. 22 pages.
Publishing ethics govern the behavior of individuals and organizations involved in disseminating research, crucial for maintaining the integrity and credibility of the academic...
Global Perspectives on Value Education in Primary School
Aytekin Demircioğlu. © 2023. 396 pages.
Global Perspectives on Value Education in Primary School is a comprehensive book edited by a renowned philosophy scholar from Kastamonu University Faculty of Humanities and...
From the Struggle for Independence to the Religious Conflict: A Case From the Chechen Republic
Emilia Alaverdov, Aytekin Demircioğlu. © 2022. 14 pages.
The chapter deals with the chaotic situation of 1990 when the struggle for independence was intermingled with the religious revival in the acute form of radical Islamism and the...
Introducing the Cities of Ghazali in the Context of Religious Tourism
Aytekin Demircioğlu. © 2021. 19 pages.
Ghazali is one of the most well-known scholars of the Islamic world that lived between 1058 and 1111. He was dedicated to knowledge in his short life. Ghazali made trips to take...