Babu George

Babu P. George, PhD (Management), has more than fifteen years of advanced business research, university teaching, and administrative service experience, in the US and internationally. He has worked for Swiss Management Center University, University of Liverpool, Alaska Pacific University, and University of Southern Mississippi, among others. Currently, he is associate professor of management at Fort Hays State University, KS, USA. He is a visiting professor at various higher education institutions around the world. He has extensive consulting experience in the service industries. He wields significant expertise in troubleshooting managerial issues in the following industries: higher education, tourism and hospitality, transportation, financial services, healthcare, and information technology. Recently, he has been consulted on issues related to organizational design, training, talent management, marketing (pricing, distribution, promotion, etc.), among others. He is a passionate observer of the complex dynamics of creative destruction that makes idea innovations possible. In his free time, he offers free consulting for the budding grassroots level entrepreneurs.


Strategies for Promoting Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism Services
Maximiliano Emanuel Korstanje, Babu George, Alexandru-Mircea Nedelea. © 2020. 243 pages.
Tourism marketing is a vital tool in promoting the overall health of the global economy. This brings necessary revenue to particular regions of the world that have limited...
Monginis: A Unique Innovation in the Franchise Model
Christo Fernandes, Babu George, Ajit Mishra. © 2020. 13 pages.
Monginis was started in 1970 at Chembur, Mumbai, India, with just one store. The franchise model that it pioneered in the industry embraced some real-time practices of human...
The End of Tourism as We Know It: Neoliberalism, Thana-Capitalism, and Touring
Maximiliano Emanuel Korstanje, Babu George. © 2019. 15 pages.
The present chapter posits an interesting discussion revolving around the term Thana Capitalism, which was originally formulated in earlier works. Originally formulated to serve...
Virtual Traumascapes and Exploring the Roots of Dark Tourism
Maximiliano Korstanje, Babu George. © 2018. 262 pages.
Mankind has been fascinated with and drawn to the macabre for many years. This is particularly evident in the growing popularity of dark tourism, which centers on locations known...
Death and Culture: Is Thana-Tourism Symptomatic of the End of Capitalism?
Maximiliano Emanuel Korstanje, Babu George. © 2018. 25 pages.
Taking cues from the surging popularity of thana-tourism, this paper argues that its prevalence echoes the end days of capitalism. The predominant forms of tourism in a society...
Customer Empowerment and Satisfaction through the Consultative Selling Process in the Retail Industry
Javier Castillo, Babu George. © 2018. 16 pages.
This article draws insight from the literature to propose a model interlinking key stages in the consultative selling process, customer engagement, and customer satisfaction. It...
Strategic Tools and Methods for Promoting Hospitality and Tourism Services
Alexandru-Mircea Nedelea, Maximiliano Korstanje, Babu George. © 2016. 326 pages.
Tourism marketing is a vital tool in promoting the overall health of the global economy by not only bringing necessary revenue to a particular region, but also providing an...
Delivering Hospitality through Franchising: The Case of Monginis, India
Christo F. V. Fernandes, Babu George, Ajit Mishra. © 2016. 10 pages.
Every one celebrates their birthday to cherish new dreams, and yet Monginis crawled in 1970 at Chembur, Mumbai with just one store. Mr. Albert Desouza, Marketing Head recalls the...