Barbara Ciaramitaro

Barbara L. Ciaramitaro, Ph.D., is a professor at Ferris State University in the United States. Before joining the academic world, Dr. Ciaramitaro worked for over 20 years in various industries in managing all aspects of Information Technolog. She is considered a respected author, teacher, and speaker on Web 2.0 technologies and information security. Dr. Ciaramitaro is an avid virtual world enthusiast constantly exploring the many avenues in which virtual worlds are becoming integrated with our daily lives. Dr. Ciaramitaro holds a Ph.D. from Nova Southeastern University with a graduate certificate in Information Security, a M.S. from Central Michigan University and a B.A. in Psychology from Wayne State University.


Virtual Worlds and E-Commerce: Technologies and Applications for Building Customer Relationships
Barbara Ciaramitaro. © 2011. 399 pages.
With the rise of the collaborative Web 2.0 technologies, the face of e-commerce has evolved from a static presentation of products and services to an interactive participatory...