Bhawna Gaur

Bhawna Gaur , Ph.D. (Human Resource Management), is an Associate Professor and the Head of Case Centre at Amity University Dubai. She has 19+ years of industry and academic experience in the field of human resource management. Her case studies are published at The Case Centre, (United Kingdom) which have been downloaded by well-known business schools, consulting firms and publishing houses. Through the case studies she has analyzed industry and region-specific issues, such as Women Entrepreneurship, Water scarcity, Absher Initiative, Family business, Sustainability, Expo 2020 and Citizenship policy of UAE among others. Her case studies on corporate leadership have highlighted the strategic perspectives, entrepreneurial styles, regional challenges, and government policies that affect the employment landscape of the Middle Eastern region. Under her able guidance Amity Case Centre has published more than 200 case units representing a broad range of management subjects such as business strategy, marketing, finance, corporate governance, economics, innovation and human resource management, to complement the learning outcomes for courses in Management and Commerce. Along with case studies she has also published several papers in topics related to Human Resource Management, Organization Behavior, People Analytics, Stress Management, Succession Planning and Talent Management.


The Dark Side of Leadership
Bhawna Gaur. © 2023. 26 pages.
Personality traits favored by situational factors may lead to destructive tendencies in a good leader. For example, CEOs such as Larry Page of Google, Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman...