Bivek Datta

Bivek Datta is a global change-maker who strives to engage students with authentic learning experiences & and make them global visionaries. After being a distinguished contributor to the higher education sector for more than two decades, Dr. Bivek brings to the table a blend of global teaching approaches, innovative research methods & and a knack for learning. His expertise lies in Logistics Management, Global Cargo Management, World Tourism, World Geography, Environmental Tourism, Tour Operations, and Marketing. Dr.Bivek has mentored more than 2000 students in his academic journey.


Global Cargo Industry: Resilience of Asia-Pacific Shipping Industries
Bivek Datta, Harshada Rajeev Satghare. © 2024. 320 pages.
In global commerce, amidst the testament to human innovation and interconnectedness lies disruptions, challenges, and uncertainties that threaten the seamless flow of goods...
Port Efficiency and Infrastructure Development: Catalysts for the India-Middle East-European Union Economic Corridor
Bivek Datta, Shikha Misra. © 2024. 34 pages.
This chapter explores the critical nexus between port efficiency and infrastructure development as the driving force behind the India-Middle East-European Union economic...
Landlocked Horizons to Coastal Challenges: Navigating Resilience in Nepal and India's Shipping Sectors
Bivek Datta. © 2024. 25 pages.
Encompassed by the intricate landscapes of South Asia, Nepal, and India, close neighbours with diverse cultures and economies, share a vital reliance on efficient shipping for...