Boussif Mohamed

Boussif Mohamed was born in Zaghouan, Tunisia in 1989. He received a Master's thesis and a Ph.D. degree in Electronics from the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, University of El Manar Tunis, in 2013 and 2018, respectively. In 2019, he was an assistant at the Preparatory Institute for Engineering Nabeul, Carthage University. From 2020, he is an assistant at the Higher School of Science and Technology of Hammam Sousse, University of Sousse. His research interests include multimedia data processing, security, and embedded systems. He has authored more than 10 papers on encryption and watermarking of images and co-authored more than four papers. He is a reviewer for many well-known journals.


Applications of Encryption and Watermarking for Information Security
Boussif Mohamed. © 2023. 245 pages.
In recent years, media digitalization has been booming. It has, however, led to a phenomenon of private data hacking, which was stimulated by the expansion of the data exchange...
Novel Fast Improved 3D S-Box-Based Cryptography Algorithm for Protecting DICOM Images
Boussif Mohamed, Aymen Mnassri. © 2023. 36 pages.
Data encryption is one of the security solutions used to protect secret data. The use of image encryption techniques in DICOM (digital imaging and communications in medicine)...
A New Efficient Crypto-Watermarking Method for Medical Images Security Based on Encrypted EPR Embedding in Its DICOM Imaging
Boussif Mohamed, Mnassri Aymen. © 2023. 27 pages.
Digitalization of media has exploded in recent years. It has resulted in the rise of private data hacking, which has been increased by the growth of the data exchange system...