Bronte Reynolds

Bronte H. Reynolds, Ed. D, received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from San Francisco State University and his Doctorate from the University of Southern California. He has served as an educational professional for fifty-three years; as teacher, school principal, school district superintendent, university professor, and department chair. Leadership in education is his specialty, which is reflected in numerous articles and presentations relating to the role of the school principal, including the dispositions of effective institutional leadership, hiring practices, meeting the needs of special needs students in the school environment, the impact of collective bargaining on classroom instruction, and the management of fiscal resources for public schools in California. His 30 years as a school district superintendent in three California school districts included his direct involvement in the design and construction of schools, the redistricting of school and district boundaries, managing multi-million dollar budgets, and leading in the effort to address change related to state and federal standards for curriculum and instruction.

During his fourteen-year tenure as professor at California State University in Northridge, California, Dr. Reynolds taught institutional leadership, served as Department Chair, and led a team of colleagues in collaborating with the College of Extended Learning in providing the Educational Leadership and Policies Studies (ELPS) Program online. He currently serves as adjunct faculty at California Lutheran University.


Creating Partnerships Between Schools and CLD Families
Soraya Fallah, Bronte Reynolds, Wendy Murawski. © 2023. 25 pages.
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Learning Challenges for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Students With Disabilities
Soraya Fallah, Bronte Reynolds, Wendy Murawski. © 2020. 337 pages.
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