Bryan S. Zugelder

Bryan S. ZugelderBryan S. Zugelder is Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Partnerships in the College of Education at James Madison University. Zugelder is Program Director for Teacher Leadership graduate programs. Prior to James Madison University, he was Assistant Professor of Elementary Education & Middle Grades Education and Teacher Leadership at East Carolina University. Zugelder has provided leadership for statewide efforts on teacher education and development. He served as Director of Teacher Preparation and Development at the University of North Carolina System, Executive Director of Undergraduate Affairs & Partnerships and Director of Clinical Experiences at the University of Central Florida, and provided state-level coaching to principals and literacy coaches in schools with Reading First federal funds. Zugelder was elementary mathematics project manager at the Florida Department of Education and also taught elementary grades in Seminole County Public Schools and Leon County Schools in Florida. Zugelder has published and received grant funding in the areas of teacher preparation, teacher induction, and teacher leadership.


Teacher Leadership as a Value of Restorative Justice Practice in Schools
Bryan S. Zugelder, Oris T. Griffin. © 2023. 19 pages.
While values and practices are important for a school to provide students, modeling among the school professionals the same values and practices expected of students is an...
Evidence-Based Instructional Coaching to Improve Writing Instruction in Elementary School
Bryan S. Zugelder, Justine Juart Lunsford. © 2023. 30 pages.
Teachers have professional capacity to influence their peers in a way that shapes improvement across the profession without the evaluative component principals carry as...
Handbook of Research on the Educator Continuum and Development of Teachers
Bryan S. Zugelder, Mark L'Esperance. © 2022. 634 pages.
In light of recent sociological events and the COVID-19 pandemic, education has undergone an incredible change in both policy and delivery. As a result, many educators have...
Empowering Formal and Informal Leadership While Maintaining Teacher Identity
Bryan S. Zugelder. © 2021. 326 pages.
Teacher leadership remains at the forefront of conversations in teacher education, with discussions on recruitment, retention, and effectiveness. Teachers are at the core of...
Instructional Leadership: Whose Role Is It Anyway?
Bryan S. Zugelder. © 2021. 26 pages.
While principals are ultimately accountable for instructional leadership, they also are burdened by the increasing demands of the administrative job and, therefore, must rely on...
Handbook of Research on Leadership and Advocacy for Children and Families in Rural Poverty
H. Carol Greene, Bryan S. Zugelder, Jane C. Manner. © 2020. 525 pages.
Rural poverty encompasses a distinctive deprivation in quality of life related to a lack of educational support and resources as well as unique issues related to geographical...
Addressing the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Dilemma in Rural Settings: Preparing Teachers for Rural Poverty
Bryan S. Zugelder, Dawn M. Shelton. © 2020. 25 pages.
This chapter addresses how an elementary education program at a large university prepares teacher candidates for success working with children and families in rural poverty...