Carlos Cruz-Corona

Carlos Cruz-Corona received a MS degree in Electronic Engineering in 1986 from the Central University of Las Villas, Cuba; and a PhD degree in Computer Sciences from the University of Granada, Granada, Spain, in 2005. He is a Lecturer at Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (DECSAI), University of Granada, Spain. He has published several scientific and technical papers in leading scientific journals. He has served on many international program committees and has attended numerous national and international conferences, congresses, and workshops. He has participated in a variety of national and international research and educational projects. His current scientific interests are Soft Computing, fuzzy sets and systems, decision support systems, metaheuristic algorithms, and nature inspired systems.


Soft Computing Applications for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
Maria del Socorro García Cascales, Juan Miguel Sánchez Lozano, Antonio David Masegosa Arredondo, Carlos Cruz Corona. © 2015. 408 pages.
As the climate and environment continue to fluctuate, researchers are urgently looking for new ways to preserve our limited resources and prevent further environmental...
Exploring Innovative and Successful Applications of Soft Computing
Antonio D. Masegosa, Pablo J. Villacorta, Carlos Cruz-Corona, M. Socorro García-Cascales, María T. Lamata, José L. Verdegay. © 2014. 375 pages.
The evolution of soft computing applications has offered a multitude of methodologies and techniques that are useful in facilitating new ways to address practical and real...
A Soft Computing-Based Idea Applied to the Truck and Trailer Routing Problem
Isis Torres Pérez, Alejandro Rosete Suárez, Carlos Cruz-Corona, José L. Verdegay. © 2014. 15 pages.
Techniques based on Soft Computing are useful to model and solve real-world problems where decision makers use subjective knowledge or linguistic information when making...
Models and Solutions for Truck and Trailer Routing Problems: An Overview
Isis Torres Pérez, José Luis Verdegay, Carlos Cruz Corona, Alejandro Rosete Suárez. © 2013. 13 pages.
This paper is a survey about of the Truck and Trailer Routing Problem. The Truck and Trailer Routing Problem is an extension of the well-known Vehicle Routing Problem. Defined...
Different Approaches for Cooperation with Metaheuristics
José M. Cadenas, Ma Carmen Garrido, Enrique Muñoz, Carlos Cruz-Corona, David A. Pelta, José L. Verdegay. © 2009. 8 pages.
Working on artificial intelligence, one of the tasks we can carry on is optimization of the possible solutions of a problem. Optimization problems appear. In optimization...
A Fuzzy Multi-Agent System for Combinatorial Optimization
Carlos Cruz Corona, Juan R. González, Alejandro Sancho Royo, David Pelta. © 2008. 7 pages.
NP-complete problems, like many of those arising in industry, cannot be approached with exact tools in reasonable time, so, approximation approaches are required. Among such...