Celia Soares

Celia Soares is a university professor and researcher. Is Invited Professor at Higher School of Technology and Management, Polytechnic Institute of Maia (IPMAIA), Portugal and invited Professor at the Communication Sciences and Information Technologies Department, University Institute of Maia (ISMAI), Portugal. She focuses and develops her research in the “Information and Communication in Digital Platforms” area - “Information Systems and Usability” context. She is involved in practice-based research on projects such as “teaching foreign language for children with dyslexia using immersive technologies and Virtual reality” and she also develops research focused on digital art preservation in ObEmMa - Scientific Observatory of Electronic Music and Media Art - UP (Porto University). She is member of CITCEM-Digital Culture Research Department (UP), Portugal, CITEI - Research Center for Technologies and Intermedia Studies (ISMAI), Portugal and Ni2- Research Center (IPMAIA), Portugal.


Multidisciplinary Perspectives on New Media Art
Celia Soares, Emília Simão. © 2020. 279 pages.
New media has been gaining importance in the academic world as well as the artistic world through the concept of new media art. As the connections between art and communication...
Software-Based Media Art: From the Artistic Exhibition to the Conservation Models
Celia Soares, Emília Simão. © 2020. 17 pages.
This chapter illustrates the reaction to the preservation and conservation of software-based media art and summarizes the crucial ideas and questions that involve this emergent...
Trends, Experiences, and Perspectives in Immersive Multimedia and Augmented Reality
Emília Simão, Celia Soares. © 2019. 277 pages.
The concept of immersive multimedia, which is closely related to concepts of augmented reality, brings opportunities in art, education, entertainment, and technology. As such, it...
Immersive Multimedia in Information Revolution
Celia Soares, Emília Simão. © 2019. 19 pages.
This chapter describes the immersive multimedia's role in our lives, educational activities, and business, and social media benefits from the growth of this emerging reality....