Cheryl A. Green

Cheryl A. GreenCheryl Green , PhD, DNP, RN, LCSW, CNL, CNE, ACUE, MAC, FAPA is a nurse, and clinical social worker. In nursing, Dr. Green has worked in the areas of medical-surgical nursing, legal nurse consulting, psychiatry, community health, medically-complex rehabilitation, and as a nurse educator. As a social worker, she has had a private practice working with children, families, and couples, worked within private group practices, served as a mental health consultant to a private school, provided spiritually-based therapy in a group practice, and provided play therapy and child-centered family work with children affected and infected with HIV/AIDS at the Yale University Child Study Center in the role of clinical faculty. Dr. Green has also worked as a crisis clinician providing on-call psychiatric consultation within a hospital emergency department setting.


Stabilization Approaches That Empower Clients Through Mental Health Crises
Isabel Logan, Cheryl A. Green. © 2023. 202 pages.
Mental health practitioners often overlook initial stabilization strategies and interventions when providing evidence-informed approaches in order to get to the so-called...
Mindful Living When Life Brings Uncertainty
Cheryl Green. © 2023. 7 pages.
Unforeseen life stressors can bring disillusionment as affected persons attempt to adapt to the unexpected and curtail associated negative emotions. Independent of formal...
Examining and Solving Health Disparities in the United States: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Cheryl Green. © 2021. 177 pages.
Disparities in healthcare arise when there is an imbalance between opportunities to achieve optimal healthcare with access, education, and financial means. However, the difficult...
Health and Mental Health
Cheryl Green. © 2021. 22 pages.
As healthcare organizations use approaches such as structural empowerment theory and nurse residency programs to engage new graduate nurses in becoming productive members of the...
Beyond the Pain
Cheryl Green. © 2021. 16 pages.
Healthy workplaces promote inclusionary behaviors. When nurses experience exclusionary behaviors such as bullying and incivility, there may also be hidden issues with acceptance...
The Search for Support and Healing
Cheryl Green. © 2021. 39 pages.
Chapter 6 provides nurses, nurse leaders, and organizations interventions to understand, confront, and eliminate bullying and incivility from the workplace. Emotional...
Incivility Among Nursing Professionals in Clinical and Academic Environments: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Cheryl Green. © 2019. 181 pages.
Traditionally, nursing is acknowledged as a caring profession and is associated with advocating for others. However, incivility is increasingly occurring amongst nurses, both in...