Christian Penny

Dr. Chris Penny is a Professor of Education at West Chester University and a graduate of Penn State University. In 2011 he won the Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award for his excellence in the classroom, in 2007 he became an Apple Distinguished Educator, and in 2009 a Google Certified Teacher. His efforts in teaching and research have the focus of technology integration in education and he recently published an edited book titled Technology Leadership in Teacher Education: Integrated Solutions and Experiences. He has also published articles on eBook readers, eMentoring, 24/7 laptop access for teacher candidates, and ePortfolios. His most recent research revolves around the topic of mobile pedagogy. Outside of teaching and research, he serves on the Apple Distinguished Educator Advisory Board, is a proud parent of three amazing little boys, Conner, Liam, and Keagan, and believes that in a previous life he was a professional football (soccer) player.


Can Everyone Code?: Preparing Teachers to Teach Computer Languages as a Literacy
Laquana Cooke, Jordan Schugar, Heather Schugar, Christian Penny, Hayley Bruning. © 2020. 21 pages.
The learn-to-code movement is no longer just supported in computer science classrooms; instead, coding instruction has proliferated widely throughout the kindergarten through...
Mobile Pedagogy and Perspectives on Teaching and Learning
Douglas McConatha, Christian Penny, Jordan Schugar, David Bolton. © 2014. 335 pages.
Distance learning has existed in some form for centuries, but modern technologies have allowed students and teachers to connect directly, no matter what their location, using the...
Technology Leadership in Teacher Education: Integrated Solutions and Experiences
Junko Yamamoto, Joanne Leight, Sally Winterton, Christian Penny. © 2010. 390 pages.
Teachers and teacher educators are faced with the challenge of adapting to and remaining aware of continual advancements in technology and their resulting impact in the...
Teacher Candidates Learning through the Creation of Podcasts
Christian Penny. © 2010. 18 pages.
As teacher educators it is imperative that we model the sound use of technology to enrich the teaching and learning process. Podcasting is enjoying phenomenal growth in...