Christian Sonnenberg

Christian SonnenbergChristian Sonnenberg is the Assistant Dean of Online Programs and an Assistant Professor in Information Systems at the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business at Florida Institute of Technology. He also serves as Academic Chair for the Online Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) and MBA in Information Technology Management as well as the concentrations in Cybersecurity. He earned his doctorate in Computer Science from Florida Institute of Technology. Dr. Sonnenberg’s research covers such areas as handheld and mobile usability, modeling and simulation, data visualization, and online learning models and systems. Among his most recent research endeavors include a content adaptation system for dynamically formatting mobile web pages from user context, developing a modeling technique for visualizing and adjusting cognitive radio performance in real-time, and exploring the impact of mobile technologies in the online classroom. Previous to joining Florida Tech, Dr. Sonnenberg worked as a software engineer for over ten years Harris Corporation Government Communications Systems Division (GCSD) in Melbourne, FL. While there, he worked in a number of areas including directional wireless networks, cellular interrogation systems, and satellite image processing applications.


Mobile Media Usability: Evaluation of Methods for Adaptation and User Engagement
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With the evolution of smartphones and tablets, mobile devices have quickly become the primary means by which consumers interact with web-based media. Media managers and content...
Accessibility in E-Government
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Electronic government (e-government) resources and websites are a crucial interface for many citizens; yet, accessibility is an often-overlooked attribute when designing such...
Accessibility in E-Government
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Electronic Government (E-Government) resources and websites are a crucial interface for many citizens, yet accessibility is an often overlooked attribute when designing such...
Mobile Content Adaptation: An Analysis of Techniques and Frameworks
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The mobile environment presents numerous challenges to users and developers alike. Ideally, mobile content should be designed to enhance a user's experience rather than...
Mobile Web Accessibility and Government Compliance
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