Christopher Dann

Chris Dann has 34 years’ experience in all areas of education, moving into Initial Teacher Education in 2005. His Masters of Research into the internationalisation of teacher education was followed by a doctorate in the use of mobile technologies in the formative assessment of preservice teachers while on practicum. His experience across educational sectors and between the education industry and the technology industry give him a unique view of the forces behind commercial influences, institutional influences and school-based essentials. In his recognition of the application of technology to support educators’ program enhancements at a time when student assessment processes are becoming key components for graduating preservice teachers, Chris’ personal goal is to improve the feedback and feed forward process using technology for learners. Electronic assessment tools are pivotal in the future of educational excellence. Such tools require practical productive processes that need to be grounded in theory yet highly implementable for practitioners. Chris’ recent book on the emerging research opportunities for preservice teachers’ practicum demonstrates his particular interest in electronic assessment. All phases of assessment from pre-formative stages through to certification and summative judgements can now be enhanced by the evidence collection accessible through technologies. Teachers and leadership teams are being presented with new possibilities to enhance their programs of instruction. It is important that the student remains at the centre of all assessment processes. As we progress with the use of electronic assessment tools Chris considers it vitally important that the learner understands the outcomes of such processes and how they link with the qualitative assessment practices also in place.


Formative Assessment Practices for Pre-Service Teacher Practicum Feedback: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Tony Richardson, Beverly Dann, Christopher Dann, Shirley O'Neill. © 2018. 209 pages.
The development and implementation of effective teacher education programs requires evaluating current processes and optimizing them for future improvements. This ensures that a...
Positioning Preservice Teacher Formative Assessment in the Literature
Christopher Dann, Shirley O'Neill. © 2018. 46 pages.
This text explores Formative Assessment Practices (FAP) for Preservice Teacher Practicum Feedback and focuses on emerging opportunities from a study conducted in Australia over...
Feedback, Reflection, and Assessment Practices in Practicum Placements: The Underpinning Research Design and Methodology
Christopher Dann. © 2018. 29 pages.
The purpose of this chapter is twofold. Firstly, it defines the methodology used as a basis for the research findings presented in this text. Secondly, it describes the methods...
Exemplifying Formative Assessment Practices in the Field Through Case Study: Concepts, Issues, and Challenges
Christopher Dann, Beverly Dann. © 2018. 37 pages.
Practicum experiences are central to preservice teacher programs worldwide and ideally represent the component that unites university learning with practical learning in the...
Video Feedback on Practicum: Demonstrating Effective Pedagogy and Making Children's Progress Explicit
Shirley O'Neill, Christopher Dann. © 2018. 27 pages.
This chapter highlights how the use of video feedback can support preservice teachers' understanding of how to improve the ways in which they scaffold and monitor...
Professional Standards for Teachers: “Pass the Message Game”
Christopher Dann, Tony Richardson. © 2018. 18 pages.
This chapter uses the concept of ‘pass the message' game as a metaphor to explore preservice teacher education in relation to the communication of the requirements of the...