Dan Witzner Hansen

Dan Witzner Hansen is an Associate Professor within the Innovative Communication group at the IT University of Copenhagen, where is also received his PhD. He has been assistant professor at both ITU and the Technical University of Denmark and has been a visiting researcher at Cavendish laboratories, University of Cambridge, UK. His research interests are within computer vision and machine learning for interactive purposes with as special focus on eye tracking and gaze interaction in mobile scenarios. He is the author of several papers and patents related to eye and gaze tracking.


Gaze Interaction and Applications of Eye Tracking: Advances in Assistive Technologies
Päivi Majaranta, Hirotaka Aoki, Mick Donegan, Dan Witzner Hansen, John Paulin Hansen, Aulikki Hyrskykari, Kari-Jouko Räihä. © 2012. 382 pages.
Recent advances in eye tracking technology will allow for a proliferation of new applications. Improvements in interactive methods using eye movement and gaze control could...
Basics of Camera-Based Gaze Tracking
Dan Witzner Hansen, Päivi Majaranta. © 2012. 6 pages.
Most of the studies presented in this book use camera-based gaze trackers, used to monitor where the user is looking on screen or in the 3D environment. While a gaze tracker may...
Introduction to Eye and Gaze Trackers
Dan Witzner Hansen, Arantxa Villanueva, Fiona Mulvey, Diako Mardanbegi. © 2012. 8 pages.
In the previous chapters of the book, you will have seen multiple applications for using (and the benefits of using) a gaze tracker. In this chapter, you will be given more...
Discussion and Future Directions for Eye Tracker Development
Dan Witzner Hansen, Fiona Mulvey, Diako Mardanbegi. © 2012. 5 pages.
Eye and gaze tracking have a long history but there is still plenty of room for further development. In this concluding chapter for Section 6, we consider future perspectives for...
Conclusion and a Look to the Future
Mick Donegan, Päivi Majaranta, John Paulin Hansen, Aulikki Hyrskykari, Hirotaka Aoki, Dan Witzner Hansen, Kari-Jouko Räihä. © 2012. 12 pages.
Gaze-controlled computers had already been utilized successfully for well over two decades before the COGAIN project started. However, those actually benefitting from the...