Daniel Novák

Daniel Novák graduated from the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague in 2000 and obtained a Ph.D. degree from CTU in 2004. He is a senior researcher at the Department of Cybernetics, CTU, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. He publishes contributions in the field of ICT healthcare and ambient assisted living systems, neuroscience and pattern recognition. He reads lectures on Artificial Intelligence, Biometrics and Neuroinformatics. He was awarded a postdoc Marie Curie’s funding by Philips, Germany, a NATO Science fellowship by Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain and a postdoc research grant at Groupe ESIEE, Paris, France. He participated in numerous European, as well as local research projects. He organizes international conferences such as MobileMed – Conference on Mobile and Information Technologies in Medicine.


Handbook of Research on Holistic Perspectives in Gamification for Clinical Practice
Daniel Novák, Bengisu Tulu, Håvar Brendryen. © 2016. 636 pages.
Over the past decade, the healthcare industry has adopted games as a powerful tool for promoting personal health and wellness. Utilizing principles of gamification...
Does IT Bring Hope for Wellbeing?
Daniel Novák, Olga Štepánková, Sébastien Rousseaux, Massimo Busuoli, Marco Carulli, Gianluca D’Agosta, Teresa Gallelli, Miroslav Uller, Miloš Mráz, Martin Haluzík, Paul Richter, Mike Martin, Rob Wilson, Marzia Bettocchi, Tiziana Mucci, Emanuela Pipitone, Claudio Lamberti, Annunziata Siena, Carlo Descovich, Boris Dvorácek, Christine Petioky, František Babic, Marek Lenart, Alexander Wöhrer. © 2013. 33 pages.
The first part of this chapter reviews the design, implementation, and customer experience with the OLDES SW tele-care platform developed within the EU project...