David Fuentes

David Fuentes, Ph. D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Elementary & Early Childhood Education, at William Paterson University of New Jersey. He teaches courses aimed at preparing inquiring teacher candidates for teaching in diverse settings, as well as courses that examine the historical and philosophical foundations of education in the United States. His current research focuses on the impact of mobile learning in K-6, Urban settings. Dr. Fuentes earned his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Pennsylvania State University.


Mobile Devices and Classroom Management: Considerations and Applications for Effective Use in an Elementary School Classroom
David Fuentes, Heejung An, Sandra Alon. © 2018. 11 pages.
In this account of a fifth grade classroom teacher embarking with her class into the world of mobile learning, three university researchers collaborated to describe her first...
The iPad: A Mathematics Classroom Tool for Implementing the Common Core State Standards Technology Vision
Sandra Alon, Heejung An, David Fuentes. © 2018. 10 pages.
This chapter discusses the technology vision of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and shares guidelines for choosing apps that are most appropriate to meet those objectives....
The Benefits and Limitations of a Short-Term Study Abroad Program to Prepare Teachers in a Multicultural Society
Heejung An, Carrie E. Hong, David Fuentes. © 2017. 22 pages.
This chapter describes a group study abroad program in which 12 U.S. participants (6 pre-service and 6 in-service teachers) traveled to South Korea to enhance their cultural...
Using Mobile Devices Selectively: Developing Constructivist Pedagogy to Support Mobile Learning
David Fuentes, Heejung An, Sandra Alon. © 2016. 12 pages.
The purpose of this chapter is to provide a useful framework for thinking about the integration of mobile devices into classroom practices and pedagogy. By offering a portrait of...
iPad Implementation Approaches in K-12 School Environments
Heejung An, Sandra Alon, David Fuentes. © 2016. 13 pages.
This exploratory case study reports on the ways in which iPads are currently being used in New Jersey public schools, with a focus on the effectiveness of three different...
Tablets in K-12 Education: Integrated Experiences and Implications
Heejung An, Sandra Alon, David Fuentes. © 2015. 346 pages.
The inclusion of new and emerging technologies in the education sector has been a topic of interest to researchers, educators, and software developers alike in recent years....