David Martin

David Martin is professor of geography at the University of Southampton, and director of the economic and social research council's census programme, which provides access and support for UK census data use across higher and further education. David's research and publication over the last 20 years have continued to centre around the theme of his original text Geographical Information Systems: Socioeconomic Applications (1996), with a particular focus on the use of GIS in census and health care. His research on automated zone design led to the creation of an entirely new output geography system for the publication of the 2001 Census in England and Wales. David has a longstanding interest in research-led geographical education, reflected in Methods in Human Geography: a Guide for Students Doing a Research Project (2005), edited with Robin Flowerdew, and his role as a co-director of the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods. He also leads a number of e-learning projects within the School of Geography at Southampton.


Social Media and Disasters: Applying a New Conceptual Framework to the Case of Storm Desmond
Briony J. Gray, Mark J Weal, David Martin. © 2019. 18 pages.
Conceptual frameworks which seek to integrate social media uses into disaster management strategies are employed in a range of events. With continued variations to online...
E-Learning for Geographers: Online Materials, Resources, and Repositories
Philip Rees, Louise MacKay, David Martin, Helen Durham. © 2009. 364 pages.
Technological advances have created the ability to put lectures, tutorials, and student activities online for academic instructors. However, for most teachers, especially those...
Developing E-Learning in Geography
Philip Rees, Louise Mackay, David Martin, Gráinne Conole, Hugh Davis. © 2009. 19 pages.
Technologies offer a range of tantalizing potentials for education—in terms of providing access to media- rich context and for students to visualize and interact with learning...
Exchanging E-Learning Materials, Modules, and Students
Samuel Leung, David Martin, Richard Treves, Oliver Duke-Williams. © 2009. 18 pages.
In contrast to other Web-based resources, e-learning materials are not always exchangeable and shareable. Although transferring electronic documents between networked computers...
Census and Population Analysis
David Martin, Philip Rees, Helen Durham, Stephen A. Matthews. © 2009. 23 pages.
This chapter presents the development of a series of shared learning materials prepared to facilitate teaching in human geography. The principal focus of this work has been on...
Reflections, Lessons Learnt, and Conclusions
Louise Mackay, David Martin, Philip Rees, Helen Durham. © 2009. 8 pages.
In this book we have illustrated the materials, software, and experience of developing and delivering geography e-learning courses and learning activities. In this chapter we...