Diego R. Toubes

Diego R. Toubes is a PhD in Economic and Business Sciences. He is an Associate professor of Strategic Management in the Faculty of Administration and Tourism of Ourense, at the University de Vigo (Spain). He is a member of the research group Emitur of the University of Vigo. His research interests include risk management and organizational resilience. He has published academic papers and collaborations in the fields of entrepreneurship, risk perception and crisis communication in tourism.


Risk, Crisis, and Disaster Management in Small and Medium-Sized Tourism Enterprises
Diego R. Toubes, Noelia Araújo-Vila. © 2021. 308 pages.
Tourism destinations are traditionally dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises that provide a wide range of products to tourists such as accommodation, travel services...
Company Internships: Filling the Gap Between University Training and Business Reality
Noelia Araújo Vila, Diego R. Toubes, Arthur Filipe de Araújo, Jose Antonio Fraiz Brea. © 2021. 24 pages.
Practical experience has increasingly become an important component of university training. Institutions have made efforts to provide students with the opportunity to experience...
Effects of COVID-19 on Small Businesses in the Catering Sector: Measures for recovery
Diego R. Toubes, Noelia Araújo Vila, Sara Fidalgo Estévez. © 2021. 30 pages.
This study focuses on the effects of COVID-19 on independent restaurant operators in small cities. Proposals for recovery are assessed both in terms of business operations and...
Travel Agencies: A Sector Hit by the COVID-19 Crisis
Noelia Araújo Vila, Diego R. Toubes, Lucília Cardoso. © 2021. 25 pages.
The whole world is going through an unprecedented health crisis, which has affected all sectors of global economy. In actual context, the tourism industry is particularly...
Gamification as a Tool for Smart Tourism
Noelia Araújo Vila, Lucília Cardoso, Diego R. Toubes, Alexandra Matos Pereira. © 2020. 23 pages.
New technologies have helped to improve the tourism sector and to develop strategies that resulted in the so-called smart destinations, underpinned and transformed by modern...
Young Ideas to Improve Organizational Resilience in Turbulent and Changing Environments
Diego R. Toubes, Noelia Araújo-Vila, Arthur Filipe de Araújo. © 2020. 27 pages.
To survive and remain competitive in a constantly changing environment, companies need to develop adaptive capabilities, that is, to become more resilient. Some authors argue...