Dietmar G. Wiedemann

Dietmar Georg Wiedemann is a researcher and project leader with the wi-mobile Research Group, University of Augsburg, WI-SE. He is an expert in b2c mobile commerce and has executed many qualitative and quantitative studies in Mobile Marketing and Mobile Payment. Since 2007 he is the project leader for the German part of the European Union project on a Secure Mobile Payment System (SEMOPS).


Mobile Marketing Management: Marketing Objectives, Types and Implementation Techniques
Key Pousttchi, Dietmar G. Wiedemann. © 2012. 10 pages.
Mobile marketing is a new form of marketing communication using mobile communication techniques to promote goods, services, and ideas. The marketing instrument provides anytime...
Handbook of Research on Mobile Marketing Management
Key Pousttchi, Dietmar G. Wiedemann. © 2010. 582 pages.
Mobile communication techniques revolutionize marketing in its gain of consumer time and attention for advertiser support. This groundbreaking type of marketing provides the...