Dimitra Jackson Smith

Dimitra Jackson Smith is a tenure-track assistant professor of higher education at Texas Tech University. Her research agenda follows three distinct, interrelated strands: (a) student success in STEM fields, (b) educational pathways among traditionally underrepresented students, and (c) the role of community colleges and minority-serving institutions in student success. Before joining the faculty at Texas Tech University, Dr. Smith focused her attention on research as a postdoctoral research associate. Prior to her research position, Dr. Smith served in several student services positions including a Program Development Specialist in Multicultural Student Affairs and a Graduate Family Interaction and Behavior Assistant at the Institute for Social and Behavioral Research. Since 2011, Dr. Jackson has been an Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University. Her research accomplishments have awarded her several recognitions by the Council for the Study of Community Colleges, the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students and by Iowa State University STATEment Makers committee.


Examining the Impact of Community Colleges on the Global Workforce
Stephanie J. Jones, Dimitra Jackson Smith. © 2015. 309 pages.
In an effort to create a more educated workforce in the United States, many community colleges are implementing new practices and strategies to assist under-prepared students....