Dina Tsybulsky

Dina Tsybulsky received her PhD degree in Science Education in 2014 from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Her research interests include: inquiry-based learning biology and chemistry, nature of science and science education in digital age. Currently, Dina is a lecturer and a research fellow of the School of Education of Tel Aviv University. Her postdoctoral research deals with transformations of science teachers’ worldviews and their implementations in teachers’ “digitalized” educational practices.


Digital Tools and Solutions for Inquiry-Based STEM Learning
Ilya Levin, Dina Tsybulsky. © 2017. 371 pages.
In the digital age, the integration of technology has become a ubiquitous aspect of modern society. These advancements have significantly enhanced the field of education...
Optimizing STEM Education With Advanced ICTs and Simulations
Ilya Levin, Dina Tsybulsky. © 2017. 344 pages.
The role of technology in educational settings has become increasingly prominent in recent years. When utilized effectively, these tools provide a higher quality of learning for...