E. William Ebomoyi

Dr. Ebomoyi received his post-doctorate certificate from the World renowned, National Institutes of Health, MD, in genetic epidemiology and a PhD from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA; where he studied Public Health and Statistics. Currently, he is a professor of Epidemiology Science at the Chicago State University Chicago Illinois. He successfully served as the Foundation chair of the Department of Health Studies. In Greeley Colorado, he served under Mayor Jerry Wones, as Air Quality Commissioner for the City of Greeley Colorado. His research interests include Genetic epidemiology, Public health Genomics, WHO-championed primary health Care, behavioral interventions and quantitative demography. Based on this research and scientific training, he has received several awards and honors, such as: Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in science and Engineering and Who’s WHO among Executives & Professionals (2014), American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellowship and the teacher of the year in the following years, 2012-2011, 2010, 2008, 2007 and The Favorite Professor published by Mortar Board, Inc., 2004.

Currently, he serves as an Editorial Board Member of several reputable journals. He is the current Chief Editor International Journal of Medical Engineering and Informatics, Chief Editor of the International Journal of Tropical Disease, Academic Editor, Journal of Advances in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Health, Chief Editor of Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research (JBASR); Chief Editor of the Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences [JAEBS] textroadjournals@gmail.com; http://www.journalonweb.com/iijbam and the Associate Editor of the International Journal of Social Health Information and Management, an Editorial Board member of Journal of Blood Disorders and Transfusion, and the British Journal of Applied Science and Technology. He is a reviewer for numerous national and international journals. He is the author of three textbooks and a coauthor of a fourth book. The titles of his books are: (1) Public Health genomics and International wealth creation IGI Global, (2) Globalization, Health and Human Rights (Iowa Kendall Hunt publishing company, 2011); (3) Community Medicine A global Perspective (Star press, 1996; Belmont CA) (4). Epidemiology for Public Health Professionals with professors Osunkoya and S. Amuwo (Iowa Kendall Hunt publishing company, 2011).

He holds one federal patent and has published over one hundred peer-reviewed manuscripts in medical, engineering, biosocial, epidemiological and health education journals. He is a member of The American Public Health Association, The NIH Consensus Development Program and the national Coalition for Health Professional Education in Genetic services and The American Public health Association APHA Genomic Forum. The book on Public Health Genomic and international Wealth Creation was written to accentuate the medical and economic benefits associated with genomic science and alert political leaders and administrators in scientific establishments about the imminent global genomic disparities which, if not rectified, could lead to the marginalization of developing and the least developed nations.


Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics and the Medicinal Values of Vegetables and Fruits
E. William Ebomoyi. © 2018. 16 pages.
Since the accomplishment of the human genome sequencing project by March 25, 2003, nutritionists, biochemists, and modern genome epidemiologists became involved in genome-based...
Biotechnology and Wealth Creation From Plant With Healing Properties
E. William Ebomoyi. © 2018. 18 pages.
The relevance of traditional healing in genomic science pertain to the use of specific herbal remedies which are therapeutic for the management of endemic diseases in developing...
Crucial Role of Nursing Profession in the Era of Genomics Medicine
E. William Ebomoyi. © 2018. 32 pages.
In this chapter, the crucial role of nursing profession was explored, regarding the current healthcare delivery system nationwide. In collaboration with the National Institutes...
Genomics Applications in Public Health
E. William Ebomoyi. © 2017. 20 pages.
In the transformation of health, through genomics applications in public health, many of the disease burdens which were incriminated for low life expectancies are being...
Phenomenology, Epigenome and Epigenetic Influence on the Growth and Development of School-Age Children
E. William Ebomoyi. © 2017. 27 pages.
This chapter focused on the impact of phenomenology, epigenome, and epigenetic factors in the growth and development of school-age children. The biological and social...
Public Health Genomics and International Wealth Creation
E. William Ebomoyi. © 2015. 463 pages.
In 2003, the secrets of the human genome were cracked open, creating a flurry of anticipation (and more than a little commercial buzz) about the role that genetic modification...