Edward Halpin

Edward F. Halpin (Professor) works for the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences at Leeds Metropolitan University. He is also associated with the Faculty of Arts, Environment and Technology, leading the Social Informatics theme in their research. For his PhD he studied “The use of ICT and Information for Human and Child Rights” and has a long record of working on human rights information and ICT, including work as an expert for the European Parliament Scientific and Technical Options Assessment Unit (STOA). Edward is currently the Chair of the Geneva-based international NGO Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems, International (HURIDOCS) who help human rights organisation use information technologies and documentation methods to maximise the impact of their advocacy work. Professor Halpin has published widely, particularly with John Lannon, and co-edited the book “Human Rights and the Internet” with Hick and Hoskins in 2000.


Human Rights and Information Communication Technologies: Trends and Consequences of Use
John Lannon, Edward Halpin. © 2013. 324 pages.
Intergovernmental agencies, governments, and non-governmental organizations are now using Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) to collect, organize...
Human Rights Movements and the Internet: From Local Contexts to Global Engagement
John Lannon, Edward Halpin. © 2007. 28 pages.
This chapter looks at the impact of the Internet on the worldwide human rights movement, and examines the opportunities and pitfalls of the technology and its...