Egbert de Smet

Egbert de Smet is born, has studied and is still living in Antwerp, Belgium. He first obtained his university degree in Sociology. Later on, he turned to information science and technology and obtained his PhD in Information Science with a research project on Community Information Services in public libraries. The social sciences background still drives his more technological interest and work. He is mostly active in international co-operation projects for information services. He also has extensive experience, through his work for INASP during the first decade of 2000, with a theme of academic information access for Developing Countries. He is an expert in the ISIS-technology and based on this became the supervisor of the ABCD system development with the support of the Flemish (Belgian) Interuniversity Council. In his publications and projects he promotes the documentary database approach as illustrated by ISIS and ABCD. Currently, he is working as a project-coordinator for the University of Antwerp.


E-Discovery Tools and Applications in Modern Libraries
Egbert de Smet, Sangeeta Dhamdhere. © 2016. 401 pages.
Technology has revolutionized the ways in which libraries store, share, and access information. As digital resources and tools continue to advance, so too do the opportunities...
E-Discovery with the ABCD Information Management System
Egbert de Smet. © 2016. 26 pages.
This chapter discusses the e-Discovery oriented philosophy of ABCD as a library system and the possibilities offered by the ABCD-Site, such as the meta-search, integrating...
Open Source in the Cloud
Egbert de Smet. © 2014. 13 pages.
Whereas “Open Source” in software is still gaining momentum in many fields of applications, it is even more present in the “behind the curtains” scene of the Cloud. It is behind...