Elif Pekcetin

Elif Pekcetin is the founding partner of companies located in Istanbul, Dubai and Amsterdam with the brand Felix International, has been providing international trade consultancy for more than 20 years. Pekcetin founded Netfor Danışmanlık headquartered in Istanbul (2003). Netfor provides export consultancy and training services to companies, associations, chambers of commerce, and European Union projects located in every region of Turkey. In addition to training and comprehensive consultancy services for SMEs, it provides commercial consultancy services to domestic and foreign firms operating in the textile, food, health, maritime, energy, furniture, computers, pharmaceuticals, machinery and equipment, and construction materials sectors. With firms in Netherlands – Amsterdam and the United Arab Emirates – Dubai that she co-founded, Pekcetin took her export service initiative to abroad perspective extending from Istanbul to Europe and the MENA region. Elif Pekcetin has a wide network of business in different continents and many countries including the USA, Europe, Gulf countries as well as Saudi Arabia, Far East geography, and North and Central African countries. Being a seasonal serial entrepreneur herself, she is highly passionate about contributing research articles and books in the area of entrepreneurship. She has published several research articles based on her own experience and empirical research in leading journals. She is a trainer, mentor and advisor to several budding youngsters intending to take the entrepreneurial journey. She is also a guest speaker in many popular business school and various forums.


Entrepreneurial Behavior in the Future With Special Emphasis on the United Arab Emirates
Elif Pekcetin. © 2023. 16 pages.
The behaviors of present entrepreneurs will be effective in creating the future. Therefore, the behavior of entrepreneurs in the future will be determined by the behavior and...