Emilia Currás

Emilia Currás is a researcher and teacher, Ph D in Chemistry, University Professor for Information Sience (LIS); Introducer of LIS studies in Spain and some Iberoamerican countries; Founder of SEDIC (Spanish Society for Inf. Science); Fellow of Inst for Inf. Scientists; IBI (UK) Distinguished Woman; Decorated by the Colombian Republic Government whit Pergamino and Cruz de Caballero; has been paid tribute in Spain and a book has been dedicated to her “A life: Profession and Passion”. She is Academician: Royal Doctor´s Academy, Madrid; Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Historical Sciences, Toledo and Academy of Fine Arts Brasilia; Woman of Year 2004 (USA); Isko-Spain Honorary President. Has received several gold, silver Medals and Emblems from Asian, Middle East, European and Iberoamerican LIS Institutions; Distinguished member of Official Chemical Spanish Association and Doctor and Teacher Spanish Association; Founder member of several Spanish LIS Societies; Invited from Asian, American, European and Middle East government to delivery lectures and conferences. She has held several executive position at national and international Universities and Institutions. She belongs to several national and international Editorial Board, such as Journal for Information Science; Vice-president of ATENEO (Cultural Spanish Society) -Section for Science and Technology-.As consequence of her RESEARCHES has formulate a New Epistemological Theory: INFORMATIONIMS and an INTEGRAL VERTICAL OF SCIENCE and also has developed new educational and professional teaching methods. Introductory in Spain of the General Theory of Systems and Systematics applied to LIS. Emilia Currás is a member of Club of Rome-Spanish Chapter and Foundation Pro Academia Española, among other religious and cultural Associations.


Systems Science and Collaborative Information Systems: Theories, Practices and New Research
Emilia Currás, Nuria Lloret Romero. © 2012. 318 pages.
Recent changes in information science have emerged as a result of challenges faced by the business, social, and scientific worlds, as well as continued progress in information...
Vertical Integration of Science: An Approach to Including Information, Knowledge and Its Organization
Emilia Currás. © 2012. 16 pages.
In this chapter, there is an attempt to consider an organization of knowledge regarding a vertical integration of science, which is focused as a systems unity of greater...
Informationism, Information and Its Neuronal Theories
Emilia Currás. © 2012. 16 pages.
In this chapter an epistemology, based in the information, as the paradigm, that rules our lives, is stated - Informationism -. Information, or perhaps the message, reaches the...