Emilio José Delgado-Algarra

Emilio José Delgado-Algarra
Full Professor at the University of Huelva (Spain) in the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Sports Sciences within the area of social science didactics. In 2014, Cum Laude Doctorate in Research in Teaching and Learning of Social Sciences with European mention from the University of Huelva and, in 2020, Cum Laude Doctorate in Education with European mention from the University of Almería. With 4 university master's degrees. From the University of Huelva, the master's degree in research in the teaching and learning of sciences (social sciences itinerary), master's degree in secondary education teaching (social sciences itinerary) and master's degree in university teaching (bilingual itinerary); from the University of Barcelona, professor of Spanish as a foreign language. Researcher in the interuniversity research network on Social Sciences teaching RED14 since 2015 and member of the scientific committee of the interdisciplinary social sciences network. My training, teaching and research profile is closely linked to the teaching of social sciences, citizen education, historical memory and the use of technologies as an educational resource. Since 2017, member of the COIDESO Research Center (Contemporary Thought and Innovation for Social Development), deputy director of the research center between 2020 and 2022 and director between 2022 and 2024. Currently and since 2017, director of the East Asian Academic and Cultural Center of the University of Huelva (Spain), through which several editions of the Hispano-Japanese Symposium on Culture and Education have been directed at the UHU with the financing of the Embassy of Japan in Spain. Organizing and scientific committee of numerous scientific events and Journal committees, including editorial committee. High and constant production in top impact journals Arwu (Shanghai), JCR, Scopus and FECYT; also author and editor in books and book chapters in publishers of national and international prestige (Grao, Dykinson, Octaedro, Pirámide, Síntesis, Springer, IGI Global, etc.). In relation to teaching, in line with research, professor in teacher training and educational research master's, degrees, courses and seminars, with maximum scores in the external evaluations of the teaching activity of the last 10 years through the program Docentia (Spain) and with award for excellence in teaching quality in 2023.


Gamification and Game-Based Learning: Motivating Social Sciences Education
Emilio José Delgado-Algarra. © 2022. 25 pages.
Teachers can use game mechanics in a non-game environment (gamification), or they can consider playing a game as an option to learn content. In the first case, adding elements...
Virtual Reality, 3D Recreations and 3D Printing in Social Sciences Education: Creating and Interacting With Virtual Worlds
Emilio José Delgado-Algarra. © 2022. 20 pages.
Virtual reality is a technology for the relocation and interaction of users with a digital environment created by computers through an interface that recognizes actions carried...
Handbook of Research on Citizenship and Heritage Education
Emilio José Delgado-Algarra, José María Cuenca-López. © 2020. 623 pages.
Cultural competence in education promotes civic engagement among students. Providing students with educational opportunities to understand various cultural and political...
ICTs and Innovation for Didactics of Social Sciences
Emilio José Delgado-Algarra. © 2020. 295 pages.
The advancement of technology in today’s world has led to the progression of several professional fields. This includes the classroom, as teachers have begun using new...
Challenges for the Construction of Identities With Historical Consciousness: Heritage Education and Citizenship Education
Emilio José Delgado-Algarra, José María Cuenca-López. © 2020. 25 pages.
As a result of innovative didactic experiences and previous research, the authors selected and highlighted some of the most important bases to consider that citizenship education...
Education for Citizenship and Social Studies in Japan: Historical Evolution and Challenges for a Cosmopolitan Identity
Emilio José Delgado-Algarra. © 2019. 23 pages.
History has shown the influence that the West had on the legislative bases of Japanese education. In the Meiji Era (1868-1912), based on the French model, Japan's first...