Emily A. Ashley

Emily Ashley is the Emergency Management Coordinator for Chesterfield County, Virginia. In this role she has served on the Virginia Emergency Management Association Certification Committee and Chair of the Central Virginia Emergency Management Alliance. In 2016 members of Chesterfield County’s Mass Care Committee won a National Association of Counties award for the use of libraries and staff post disaster. Before coming to Chesterfield in August of 2011, Emily spent 8 years in various roles of Emergency Management in the Hampton Roads, Virginia. Emily has especially enjoyed emergency management projects related to special needs, catastrophic planning, continuity planning, and mitigation. Emily holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography from Missouri State University, Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Old Dominion University and professional certification as a Virginia Professional Emergency Manager.


Emergency Preparation for the Library and Librarian
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The Developing Role of Public Libraries in Emergency Management: Emerging Research and Opportunities
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Disasters can happen without warning and cause detrimental damage to society. By planning and conducting research beforehand, businesses can more effectively aid in relief...