Engin Sorhun

Engin Sorhun is an Assistant Professor of international economics and vice-chairman of economics department at Istanbul 29 University. He received his MA in Transition Economics from Sorbonne University Paris I (2003) and PhD in International Economic from University of Strasbourg with his thesis entitled “Integration of Turkey to the EU in the Light of Three-Regularity of Geographical Economics”. He has work experience in private sector in addition to his academic career. Economic Integration, Geographical Economics, International Trade are the main pillars of his interdisciplinary studies. As a visiting-lecturer, he gave lectures, seminars, conferences on economic integration in several European universities. His recent studies investigate the potential economic impacts of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.


Regional Economic Integration and the Global Financial System
Engin Sorhun, Ümit Hacıoğlu, Hasan Dinçer. © 2015. 355 pages.
In theory, regionalism and globalization are intended to be viewed as two separate concepts. However, as long as the approaches complement each other, considering these paradigms...