Erdem Demiroz

Erdem Demiroz is faculty at Trakya University, School of Education, Department of Computer Education and Learning Technologies. He has a bachelor's degree in Computer Education and Instructional and Learning Technologies (CEIT); MA with an emphasis on General Curriculum and Instructional Leadership (CIL) and Instructional and Learning Technologies (ILTs); and PhD with emphasis on Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies (formerly Curriculum and Instructional Leadership) and Mathematics and Statistics. He is a dedicated teacher and a scholar. As an active technology user, who have extensive background in ILTs, his general research interests focus on ILTs in general, best practices of using ILTs not only in K-12 education but also in higher education and its effects on learning processes and on student learning outcomes. His research interests include but are not limited to course redesign and flipped learning with heavy use of ILTs, virtual learning environments, online teaching practices and design, learning theories in virtual learning, artificial intelligence, gaming and educational game design educational practices, human-computer interaction, kinesthetic learning in virtual settings, etc. Finally, he is the Erasmus +, Farabi and Mevlana Programs coordinator of the CEIT department, and Vice Provost of the Trakya University Continuing Education Center.


Optimizing Medical Education With Instructional Technology
Erdem Demiroz, Steven D. Waldman. © 2019. 291 pages.
In today's educational settings, infusing technology into educational practices is not optional. It is a necessity because of the changing expectations and needs of learners....
Enactive Nature of Scholarship and e2TPR
Erdem Demiroz, Emine Demiroz. © 2018. 16 pages.
Enactivism is one of the emerging theories in cognitive science. This theory focuses on activity and active participation of agents in cognitive development processes....