Evan G. Mense

Evan G. Mense, Associate and Endowed Professor of Educational Leadership at Southeastern Louisiana University, is a graduate of Pittsburg State University and Saint Louis University. He started his career in higher education as an assistant professor at Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond LA. He is the Director of the Doctoral and Masters of Educational Leadership Program. His areas of academic interest include data driven decision making, educational leadership, and law. Dr. Mense has published in his areas of expertise in multiple arenas. He also presented in SRCEA and many other professional organizations in various topics in in educational leadership. He currently serves as a board member and President-Elect for SRCEA.


Data Leadership for K-12 Schools in a Time of Accountability
Evan G. Mense, Mindy Crain-Dorough. © 2018. 332 pages.
The monitoring of data within educational institutions is essential to ensure the success of its students and faculty. By continually analyzing data, educational leaders can...
School Leaders in a Time of Accountability and Data Use: Preparing Our Future School Leaders in Leadership Preparation Programs
Evan G. Mense, Dana M. Griggs, Julius N. Shanks. © 2018. 25 pages.
School leaders are challenged with the task of high stakes testing and student achievement. In the data-driven K-12 setting, it is necessary to have quality school leaders in...
Observations through a Keyhole: The Changing Dimensions of Global Higher Education
Tak Cheung Chan, Evan G. Mense, Mindy Crain-Dorough, Michael D. Richardson, Kenneth E. Lane. © 2014. 20 pages.
Global higher education leaders face the most explosive political environment in the history of higher education in the world due to decreased financial resources coupled with...
Standardization, Hybridization, or Individualization: Marketing IT to a Diverse Clientele
Evan G. Mense, John H. Fulwiler, Michael D. Richardson, Kenneth E. Lane. © 2011. 9 pages.
With student population on the rise globally, colleges and universities face daunting new challenges to accommodate the increased demand for services (Marginson, 2006). The...
Marketing Services Globally: The Benefits of E-Learning
Felicia Blacher-Wilson, Evan G. Mense, Michael D. Richardson. © 2011. 14 pages.
E-learning and distance learning technologies have accelerated tremendously during the last decade. Changes in development and delivery include altered instructional methods and...